Excellent IB Results


The 2018 International Baccalaureate Diploma results, released on Friday 6th July, brought excellent news for the 44 members of the Fettes Upper Sixth Form who for the past two years have been following the IB pathway. We are delighted that all the candidates were awarded the Diploma with an impressive average score of 37.8 points.

17 of the 44 candidates gained 40 points or more and 33 candidates achieved the benchmark score of 36 points or better. 81% of all HL results were 7/6 grades (the A Level equivalent of A*/A) and an impressive 97% were 7-5 (the equivalent of A*-B).

“These impressive results reflect well on all of our candidates and their teachers. A high score is only gained through focused hard work with a willingness to think and learn independently. All of our IB candidates should feel very proud of their achievements and I wish them well in their future endeavours at university and beyond.”
Geoffrey Stanford, Headmaster

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