Combined Cadet Force

The CCF exists to develop powers of leadership by promoting the qualities of responsibility, self-reliance, resourcefulness, endurance and perseverance.

Membership is compulsory for five terms but after NCO training, many pupils choose to remain in the CCF during the Sixth Form in leadership positions.

Although it is not the primary aim of the CCF, a small number of students each year are inspired to begin a career in the regular forces.

Army skills

The CCF Army training will develop skills such as map reading, drill running and practice, safe weapon handling, and fieldcraft and section tactics. These skills can lead to a basic or advanced proficiency.

RAF skills

RAF training will provide students with knowledge of navigation, the theory of flight and aircraft recognition. When cadets are sufficiently skilled there are opportunities to go flying.

Navy skills

In the CCF students will acquire basic naval knowledge through their study of sailing theory and practice, chart work and navigation, and will engage in a variety of leadership tasks. There are also opportunities to sail and handle a power boat.