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On the 12th of March the Economics and Geography department was visited by Mr Giuseppe Zampaglione, who currently works as the Senior Protection Specialist at the World Bank. Here Evan L writes a review of this fascinating presentation...

Mr. Zampaglione opened with a brief overview of the different development projects and initiatives the World Bank supports and finances. This resonated with all students, as the topic of economic development and global governance is taught in both syllabi. Indeed, Kirsty R remarked that “He made economics textbooks come to life”; this reflects the clarity with which Mr. Zampaglione progressed his ideas and theories on solving extreme poverty.

The talk focused primarily on Chad and how the World Bank is trying to improve health care, infrastructure, and education. Interestingly, Mr. Zampaglione explained that the World Bank is changing its approach to development, as it realises migrational crises can no longer be considered short-term humanitarian issues: Chad, for example, has struggled to develop as a consequence of this predicament for the last few decades.

When Mr. Zampaglione opened the floor for discussion, a multitude of questions were fielded concerning the lending schemes of the World Bank, the effectiveness of its policies, and what the future of the World Bank will look like. To this he responded that “Our dream is that we, the World Bank, will go out of business”, which reflected the commitment of the World Bank to eradicating poverty. At this point we would like to thank Mr. Zampaglione for elucidating the workings of the World Bank, which had previously been an abstract concept for most students. Moreover, we are thankful to Mr. Shelley for organising the event with such a prolific and insightful speaker.

Evan L
U6th Economics Student

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