Senior Sport - Week of 2nd October 2017


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It was a busy week of sport in the Senior School with a number of Hockey and Rugby fixtures taking pace.


1st XI v George Watson’s College (H) 0-4
Overall our performance in this game, although the score may not reflect it was good. Watson’s were and always are a strong side with some very skillful individuals. We managed to keep possession and use the width effectively. Rosie U was good at controlling the centre of the pitch and delivering strong and accurate passes when distributing the ball. We were unlucky not to get a goal as we did have a few chances up front but need to work on the final few meters to finish with a result. Due to Watson’s control and the way they used the space so effectively, we also were forced to play like this spreading out much more which meant we had more space to drive. Ellie D and Sophie H worked well up front together, doing some good wide runs and then injecting the ball strongly into the D. Another area to work on is our attacking short corners, however the Watson’s defensive side were very strong and put us under pressure quickly. The MVP was Rosie U.

1st XI v Strathallan (A) 3-3
One of our best performances so far, we really took on board the feedback from Miss Merchant and played with composure, energy and accuracy as well as giving support to each other. We were given much more time, because we took every side line free hit quicker meaning the Strathallan defence were not positioned yet. Iona H is MVP for her amazing composure and organisation on the ball, she managed to not break down under the pressure but instead delivered an accurate and useful pass. Cora W and Breagh M worked well as usual as a defensive pair, and kept the D more organized meaning the team could defend more efficiently and safely. We continuously used the width which drew the game out giving us more space. A great game for the team, there is a huge difference between our playing now in comparison to the beginning of the season, and it was good that in this game we managed to turn our chances into goals.


1st XI v Glenalmond Boarding Schools Tournament (A)
Another Sunday full of hockey, yet we managed to keep up the determination despite the initial slight lack of energy. Our first match was against Loretto. The game was equal continuously being up and down both ends of the pitch. We had a few chances in the D and short corners which we were unlucky not to convert, however we also had some fortunate saves at the other end. Sophia C and Rachael D were great at offering wide passes and then transitioning the ball along the wing. The game ended 0-0 which was a shame but we were happy with our performance. Dollar was another great game which we attacked with energy and perseverance. They had many extremely skillful individuals however our teamwork was better, and the linking passes resulted in a great straight strike goal from Rosie U. There were some other good plays up front by Gemma D’A and Catriona S. Unfortunately, a Dollar girl then got a break and carried the ball the all the way down the pitch eliminating our defence and then scored, resulting in a 2-1 lose. By our last game, the tiredness had kicked in and we complicated the game for ourselves, rather than seeing the simple options. After we scored from great attacking teamwork, they equalized with a lucky flick and then strategically defended us so tightly so that we could not score another in the last few minutes. It was unlucky not to win this last game as we were the stronger side and had possession for most of the game. However, our playing throughout the day was commendable. The progress we are making each week is very evident as we take on board the feedback and use it. This will for sure make out for some great games in Barcelona in half term!

2nd XI v George Watson’s College (H) 1-4
The score line doesn’t reflect the quality of our play in this match. Although Watson’s won by 3 goals, we did have some more opportunities to score. The one goal that was scored, was by a fantastic two on one from Jules R and Jess C. This is something which we had been going over in practices so it was great to see this executed in an actual match. The MVP was Jules R.

2nd XI v Strathallan (A) 3-0
This was an excellent game from the whole team with everyone putting in great effort. Juliet R scored two fantastic goals coming from one on ones with the goalie. Mei J T also did some excellent dives to protect the goal meaning that no goals were conceded. Furthermore, Lucie W played very well in defence, channelling the Strath players off the side-line, earning her MVP for the match.


3rd XI v George Watson’s College (H) 0-2
Unfortunately, we had a disappointing loss against George Watson’s on Tuesday, however, not all was bad. Special mention should go Catriona M for her great determination both on and off the ball. Florence U had fantastic play at the back clearing the ball well from the circle. Mei J T was appointed player of the match as her saves in goal where very impressive keeping us from losing by a much more considerable amount.

3rd XI v Strathallan (A) 5-0
After travelling all the way to Strathallan the 3rd’s came back with an impressive 5-0 win. The team really came together in this match putting into practice the skills learnt in training. Special mention goes to Grace T for her bravery after being hit hard on the shoulder, despite getting hit Grace wanted to play on although the coaches did not allow this. The team played very well as a whole and we decided that everyone was very valuable in this match, hence the most valuable player being the whole team.

4th XI v George Watson’s College (A) 1-2
Our second match on grass still proved difficult for us, yet after playing the first half we managed to create equal possession of the ball and prevented any more goals from George Watson's College. There was a goal by Lara W in the last few minutes of the game which was well deserved and showed the huge efforts of the team. George W’s had a few short corners yet our defense did a great job in keeping the ball out and sending it to the wings to open the play. We are confident that we could have had a better result on astro. The MVP was Eliza A.

4th XI v Strathallan (A) 2-0
Straight into the first half of the match, we had lots of possession and Lara Welch managed to score a great goal within the first few minutes of the game. This set our team spirits high and gave us confidence for the rest of the match. We had many more shots at goal and the majority of play was over the half way line. They had a strong defence yet Rose B was able to score another goal. There were some great runs down the wings from Meg H and when defence was tight, we passed it back and up the other wing into a good space allowing us to get close to goal. The MVP was Connie G.

5th XI v George Watson’s College (A) 1-3
The first goal was scored by Bella F, after a great use of team work bringing the ball up from our defending goal. Watson’s however, were a very strong team, making use of short passes and great dodges. Our defence was a little weaker than usual due to many missing players, however we kept a strong back line and put up a strong fight in defending Watson’s powerful attack. Despite the overall score, we played very well, and were defiantly the better sportsman side. The MVP’s were Bella F and Ruby L.


U15A XI v Strathallan (H) 2-1
After a long and tiring week we were all feeling tired however, in the first half we got off to a good start with some great leads towards the ball and interceptions, we also gained our first goal set up by Catherine E and Isabella S. At half time the score was one all, so it was all to play for in the second half. The pace was much quicker and we seemed to be better at supporting the attack and then quickly running back to defend. This allowed for our second goal of the match scored by Geraldine J, bringing the score to 2-1 to Fettes! This was a glorious win and showed how well our hard work from the recent weeks had payed off. The MVP’s were Jennifer M and Anna C.

U15B XI v Strathallan (H) 2-0
This week’s match started very slowly, with slow passes and movement and not all of our best efforts however, after a long chat at half time our team improved tremendously, scoring twice, with a fantastic goal from Emma H and great play in the D from Catherine M. Most valuable player was Emma K for her solid play in defence, holding off the attack and her long clears up the field.

U15/14C XI v Strathallan (H) 2-0
We started with the push and for much of the first half possession changed sides and the ball travelled up and down the pitch. Luckily, our defence was strong and no goals were scored on their part however, we managed to slip one in past their goalie. After half-time, we started off strong and quickly scored another goal, but despite many other shots on goal, were unable to score any more. The MVP was Eleanor K.

U14A XI v Strathallan (H) 4-0
We started off well and quickly scored a good goal. We won a few short corners but didn’t manage to score from those. They fought hard but with our strong defence they didn’t manage to score. With a good reverse pass from Kirsty M, we managed to score. When the second half began, we scored two more goals before the end of the match. The MVP was Ella W.

U14B XI v Strathallan (H) 2-0
The U14B hockey team won 2-0 and there was good attacking from us and the defenders were strong, not letting shots get taken at goal. There were two very good goals from the forwards, ending the match 2-0 to Fettes. The MVP was Abi M.



1st XV v Peebles High School: Cup Game (H) 60-0
This was a great start to our cup campaign with an easy win at home. This was a good opportunity for us to put in place some of the things we had been trying out in training during the week. We finished off try’s well, with Teni picking some very good lines and scoring with his elusive running style. This was a good opportunity for some of the less experienced players to gain confidence by getting more game time. We look forward to our next cup game on Thursday against St Aloysius and will continue to prepare well for this game throughout training. The MVP was Teni A.

1st XV v Strathallan (H) 22-31
This was a hard loss for us to take, as we were winning and dominant for the large majority of the game. It was in the last 15 minutes that we started losing our composure and discipline as we had not had a game like this, challenging us to hold them off to the end. We yet again showed how clinical we can be in attack with a few breakaway tries coming from counter-attacks. Our defence throughout the game was very good, showing that the specific training we did through the week payed off. This has given our team confidence as now we know that we are good enough to have close games with some of the best teams in the Conference above. The MVP was Noah M.

2nd XV v Stewart’s Melville College (A) 27-12
The whole team played well, with great running from Eniola O and Archie G. Robert E playing only his second rugby match in three years, gaining an excellent try and stopping many with superb tackling. We fought hard, but it was due to the inspiration from Chris F who used brute strength to come away with a couple of tries, constantly providing supporting lines. Overall, a great match which defines the 2nd XV strength of play. The MVP was Chris F.

2nd XV v Strathallan (H) 17-5
There is nothing else to say apart from, what a match. A solid game, even though it wasn’t as clean as other matches, it was the most determined effort from the entire team. An MVP cannot be decided as the whole team worked incredibly hard and fought for territory ferociously. However, Finlay M ran a great line for an astonishing try and Ralph W for maintaining an extraordinary work rate for the entire match.


Senior Colts A XV v Hutcheson’s Grammar School (A) 55-7
We won the match comfortably scoring twice within the first 5 minutes. Unfortunately we conceded due to some scattered attack which they intercepted but we continued the scoring without much opposition. The MVP was Conor R.

Senior Colts A XV v Strathallan (H) 17-43
Unfortunately due to the loss of numerous key players, we had a hard time holding Strathallan out of our half. Due to numerous good performances, we did manage to score 3 times down the wings. We were dominated in the scrums and in the forwards throughout. The MVP was Peter B.

Colts A XV v Strathallan (A) 5-12
The match started off slowly with both sides retrieving possession of the ball. Fettes scored first due to a good ruck and run from the forwards. They managed to slip one try in before the end of the half. The game continued with some sloppy handling, resulting in us losing ground on multiple occasions but, with great runs from Olly P and Charlie P we regained ground. Overall, this wasn’t our best performance but we showed signs of improvement. The MVP’s were Nick S and Zach T.


Colts B XV v Strathallan (A) 40-12
We started off strong, with good attacking play, and our efforts were rewarded from a scrum, when Oran M went over for the first try. Danial O converted and we received the ball. After some good passing to the wing, Mykola S ran down the side and scored our second. Strathallan then attacked, and our defence held for a good five minutes with great tackling from Will H before they scored. We came back and after a nice pass from Finlay D to James M for the first of three. In the second half, we played well and scored two tries, one from Oran M and one from James M. Overall, it was our best rugby we have played in a while, and we will have built on our great play for next time. The MVP was Will H.

Junior Colts A XV v Strathallan (A) 26-12
Five minutes into the game, Sholto F broke his wrist and needless to say, this required some reorganisation and the team lost momentum. Heavy under foot conditions and a wet ball made playing with width challenging and handling errors prevented the team from building phases of play. The forwards carried the ball well and made good ground for the team. Defensive organisation was poor in the first half but improved in the second. This performance was a stark reminder that the team still have much to learn. Lachlann N was the most valuable player.

Junior Colts B XV v Strathallan (A) 56-0
The whole team played well with some great passing to the wide and tackling. The team scored 10 tries: 3 from Heroki I, 2 from Marcus K, 2 from George M, 1 from Sean O’D, 1 from Max B and 1from George S. The MVP’s were George M and Marcus K.



2nd XI v Merchiston (A) 16-1
An embarrassing result, perhaps a record defeat. There is a lot to build on, especially after being 7-0 down at half time. The MVP was Fred S for scoring the only goal.


1st VII v James Gillespie’s High School: Cup Game (H) 51-12
The team played incredibly, we worked well to make leads and made great interceptions. The whole team played wonderfully, with great play from Mia H who showed strength in defence playing WD, the best she has played yet. The attacking half worked very well together, reading passes and making space. There are still things to work and if we carry on progressing at this level, the next matches are looking hopeful. The player of the match was Emma C, as she moved into space very well and communicated superbly, making good leads earning her MVP.

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