Senior Sport - Week of 25th September


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It was a very busy week of sport in the senior school, with a large number of fixtures taking place across a range of sports.


1st XI v Galashiels Academy: Cup Game (H) 1-3
This was not one of our strong performances, unfortunately we let our communication drop which lead to inaccurate passes and pick-ups as well as playing up the centre of the pitch and frequently into the oppositions flat sticks. We had a few chances in our attacking D and were close to scoring a few times, but unfortunately failed to get through the last few meters in front of the goal. For our next match we should aim to not panic and struggle in the D as this continuously caused us to lose possession when we were so close to scoring. The defensive short corners were strong, with some strong performances also from Rosie U in midfield who played with determination, and Rachael D continuously in the right position on the wing to receive and give out some effective passes. We were upset with the result of this match knocking us out the cup, but we will progress and develop to not make these mistakes again. The MVP was Sophie H.

1st XI v Rugby School 450th Anniversary Hockey Tournament (A)
After a relaxing stay in a very nice hotel on Saturday and a smart dinner with all the visiting schools, we were on top form for our first match against Rugby school. We started the game well distributing the ball effectively using width and height. We were very unlucky to not convert any goals as we had a few chances, but all together our performance was great- probably some of the best hockey we have played so far this season. Despite giving away some unnecessary short corners, the strong defence of them (especially Breagh M) meant Rugby didn’t convert any to goals. Our next game was against Clifton where again we played with more energy and drive than we usually seem to have back in Edinburgh. The determination and willingness from the whole team was commendable. In the next two games despite being tired, we managed to keep up the enthusiasm and still fought hard for every ball. Ellie D was excellent at making space and moving in the attacking D to make the defenders job as difficult as possible. Catriona S also positioned herself well to receive passes. Player of the tournament was Rachael D for persistent strong tackles on the wing, offloading the ball quickly and accurately and working well when she was needed all over the pitch. Despite not converting as many opportunities as we could have (not helped by the short tournament games), the whole day of hockey was enjoyable and the level we played at was very impressive. Hopefully, we can continue like this and develop for our next matches.


2nd XI v St George’s (A) 4-1
Very nice goals from Jess C and Lydia L and lovely runs down the wing from Cora S. The team started really well scoring two of our goals in the first 10 minutes. By the end of the match we were all a little tired and our play slackened, however as our fitness improves throughout the season hopefully we will maintain a higher level of play throughout the whole match. The MVP was Amy O’N.

3rd XI v St George’s (A) 2-2
With an early morning start the 3rd XI had a tough match against St. George’s. Mia H, player of the match, had some great play up front contributing to both goals with Violet B deflecting both in. At half time we were 2-0 down but we went out strong in the second half. Abercrombie N had some great tackles and play down the right hand side of the pitch. Special mention should go to Holly M for her great defensive play at the back. Despite being 2-0 down going into the second half we managed to draw 2-2 scoring both our goals in the last 5 minutes of the match. We have a lot to take to training from this match but overall it was a great game. The MVP was Mia H.

4th XI v Beaconhurst (A) 3-1
We started strong with most of the possession over the half way line, this then allowed us to have a few chances at goal. Some of the formation was lost which lost us some of the possession yet, we had good runs down the left wing. Beaconhurst had some strong players who managed to get the ball towards goal but our defence was strong resulting in only one goal getting through. Our goal scorers were Alina and Katerina, positioning themselves on the post securing a goal, with Lara managing to set up two of these goals nicely. The MVP was Lara W.

4th XI v St George’s (A) 0-1
Special mentions to Connie G and Daria L, for great play getting the ball up the pitch. It was very challenging having this match on grass, as a team this is not something we have practiced on. Yet it was clear the St George’s team are regularly on grass. This is where we faltered allowing them to get a goal early in the first half. After a half time talk we developed new strategies and managed to gain most of the possession and had a few shots on goal. Our transformation as a team between the first half and second half meant this game felt like a win. The MVP was India M.

5th XI v St George’s (A) 1-1
We started very strong, with a quick goal from Bella F. Despite being very strong on attack, our defence was lacking meaning that St George’s scored a goal, causing our draw. Our spirits were high and as our first match, we can see a successful future. The MVP was Eleanor R.


U15A XI v St George’s (H) 0-2
The match got off to a very strong start with great use of the wings and strong passing. I think this was probably the best ‘team play’ that the U15As has displayed throughout the season so far. We worked well getting back to defend our half and made some great interceptions on ball. We also pressured their goal well making lots of leads towards the circle but never seemed to quite have the confidence to go and score. At half time it was all to play for however, tiredness seemed to get the better of us and sadly we didn’t get back and mark our players as well as we had done in the first half. Although the score might show different, this was a key and impressive match for the U15s and showed how well we could play if our fitness was just a bit better. The MVP’s were Geraldine J and Poppy E.

U15B XI v St George’s (H) 3-0
This week’s match went very well. In attack it was the best performance yet, with great passes from Zara W and amazing scores from Emma H and Yu I. As defence, we were strong and held off the opposition well. Most valuable player goes to Catherine M for her strong drives up the field and great passes into the D.

U14A XI v St George’s (H) 2-0
We knew this would be a hard match but we fought hard and with winning short corners by the end of the first half we managed to score 2 goals. Going into the second half we were working on leading upfront but didn’t manage to score anymore goals. Defence did well in short corners clearing the ball out of the D. The MVP’s were Kate R and Zamara C.

U14B XI v St George’s (H) 2-0
The U14B hockey team won 2-0 there was good attacking from us and the defenders were strong not letting shots get taken at goal, there were two very good goals ending the match 2-0 to Fettes. The MVP was Abi M.

U14C XI v St George’s (H) 1-3
There were no goals for the first few minutes, the team defended well, and then St. George’s scored a goal. A second followed shortly after, and we had quite a few close calls with one actual goal. After half time, St. George’s just made a third goal, though it would have been much more if not for Jamie P, who saved many from going in in the last quarter. The MVP was Jamie P.



1st XV v Bell Baxter High School (A) 62-3
This was another easy win for us in the conference. We brought along many of our 2nd Team players who all got a good bit of game time before their tough match next week against Stewart’s Melville. We were clinical in attack and finished off many chances that we had and we defended well when they had the ball which was not often throughout the game. There are still parts to our game that we need to work on through this week coming up like our discipline at times is sloppy. We have two big games next week being our first cup game and then a big game against Strathallan on Saturday. The MVP was Finlay M.

3rd XV v Stewart’s Melville & George Heriot’s Triangular (A) 1 Win and 1 Loss
The mist descended as the morning arrived, the previous encounter we all had survived.

But now was no time for telling old stories, the dawn was upon us and it was time for new glories.

With anticipation brewing, we marched onto the bleachers, all three spectators staring at us formidable creatures.

We flexed our pectorals and John limbered his body, even if it did look a little bit shoddy.

Stew Mel vs Heriots was the game drawn up first, we watched on the side as Bent ate a bratwurst.

The match was well fought, in this case quite literally, with a brawl on the pitch, ‘twas the first of the trilogy.

We ran on the pitch as the whistle was blown, even Seymour was smiling he looked in the zone.

Hector Bailey the swollest player ever to be seen, it was obvious that he had been eating all his greens.

Huge hits were made by RSM Thomson, with biceps so large they could be sold at auction.

They launched a high ball, Silas saved the day, Ollie Hay left to practice ballet.

The tackles were crunching, with good play from the centres: the Ollies and Dingwall were Stew Mel’s tormentors.

Dingwall’s kicking put an end to that game, the score 17-0, only Heriot’s left to tame.

We were really quite tired when the next game began, the ball slipping right out of Mark Bushby’s hand.

No matter we said, we will make better passes, we rose like a phoenix out of the ashes.

Sadly our 1 try was no match for their 2, we could have played better that much is true.

That’s all from us your own third XV, thank you for listening and god save the queen.


Colts A XV v Bell Baxter High School (H) 40-10
We started the match off, surprising them with a quick try. Fettes’s control was evident as we had possession for most of the game. This was thanks to good tackling and rucking from the team. The forwards played well using rucks and running good lines to cause damage to the oppositions back line. The backs played exceptionally well with very good handling and supportive running. There is no MVP because there were no exceptional individual performances, instead the entire team played well as a whole.

Colts B XV v Clifton Hall School (H) 0-55
We started off well with good defensive play form Kevin A and Christian Z. But after we let in the first try, we started to play worse. Charlie M and Mykola S made a few breaks, but there weren’t men to support them. In the second half, we played a little better, but after about 5 minutes we let in another try. We really should’ve played a lot better, and our performance was quite poor. We will come back stronger next week, and work on lots of things. The MVP was Charlie M.

Junior Colts A XV v Bell Baxter High School (H) 55-5
We started this game with even more injuries. Bell Baxter were two players down so Hiroki, Cameron and Ludvig volunteered to play for them. Cameron played the second half for Fettes and ran with the ball really well getting himself a try. This game was more forwards dominated though with Lochie getting himself 3 trys, with Fettes scoring 9 trys this game. Our defensive organisation improved massively from the last game but still could have been better, when we let one of their players slip through in their own 22-meter line for their only try of the match. The MVP was Cameron W.



1st XI v Merchiston (H) 2-7
Although the score line presents another heavy defeat, our overall performance was an improvement on our previous fixtures. We pressed with more intensity and showed more desire in our play but some careless errors allowed Merchiston to get 3 goals by half time. We started the second half positively with two goals in quick succession, the first coming from Federico Pasquarelli after an excellent through ball from Izzmael M and the second from Archie R with a curling effort from outside the area. Unfortunately we let our guard down and conceded a few more goals but despite this our general performance was much more pleasing. The MVP was Izzmael M.


U19 Boys v George Watson’s College (A) 8-9
The first match of the season went very positively. Everyone played their hardest, particularly Harris E who played through all 5 games against a tough opponent. The newest additions to the team, Bob G and Tommy L, have undoubtedly earned their places in the U19s with their commendable performances. Despite a close loss, it has been a strong start to what will surely be a successful season. The MVP was Amy M-B.


1st V v Merchiston Tournament (A) 3rd Place
This is the first tournament of the season and in this tournament, we were a few members down, but we still came out with a pretty good result. Special mention to Jacob Babumba and Christoper Jamieson for being the key contributors in all matches. The MVP was Liu Jia Run.

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