Senior Sport - Week of 20th November


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It was a busy week of fixtures in the senior school across a number of fixtures, resulting in some good wins.


1st XI v Trinity Academy (H) 3-0
An overall pleasing performance against Trinity, the team played with great composure which has been a key focus this season. As they didn’t pressure too intensely, we had time on the ball to think and remain calm which allowed our passes to much more accurate. We had a few good goals and chances up front which is also something we have worked hard at improving. In our next game we should aim to convert more of the shots on goal by following up the rebounds and also being in the right position on the post. The midfielders had a great game with Sophia C and Iona H playing well together up the left wing. The MVP was Olly B.

2nd XI v North Berwick (A) 0-0
This was a decent effort by the team, especially in poor weather conditions. We had very strong play in defence and midfield, especially by Lydia L & Sam S. The team had many chances at goal however, goals were not successful. Therefore, this week before the final match of the season, we will work closely with the forward players in getting deflections at goal to ensure that we end our season on a win. The MVP was Charlotte M.

3rd XI v Trinity Academy (A) 4-1
This was a very promising match for the 3rd XI, one of the best of the season. It was clear in this match that we had learnt lots from training and were now able to put it into play. Jacklyn W (MVP) created some excellent space up the wing for the ball to be placed and for her to run on to it and into the circle for some shots on goal. Lara Welch had some excellent stick skills up front and scored a great goal from the post. I hope that we can keep up this standard of play for the rest of the season to finish on a high.


U15A XI v Mary Erskine (H) 0-3
We had centre pass and started strong with some great passes and drives down the wings. However, at turnovers, we weren’t so good at getting back to defend which allowed them to score their first goal. We had some great attacking leads with strong sweeps from the midfield and gained two of the first short corners of the match. In the second half things went a little downhill. Everyone started to get a bit tired but didn’t stop trying one-hundred percent! However, their strong and fast leads managed to get through our defence which lead them to score two more goals. Although the outcome wasn’t the best it was still a great match full of determination and hard work. The MVP was Florence B.

U15B XI v Trinity Academy (A) 0-0
This week’s match was quite slow to begin with and at half time our team agreed that we weren't performing at our best however, we came back on and had near misses at goal multiple time with great efforts from Connie H and Catherine M. Most valuable player is awarded to Anna R for her great play in defence.

U14A XI v Mary Erskine (H) 0-2
We knew this was going to be a tough match but we started it off like any other match. We were playing well and then they managed to score a goal. We then started to try even harder but near the end, they managed to score one more goal. Although that makes an end to our unbeaten season, we are still going to try our hardest next week against Loretto. The MVP’s were Jessica A and Zamara C.

U14B XI v Trinity Academy (H) 0-0
We started this match not so well, not getting passes up the wings and not getting shots at goal. In the second half, we improved a bit making some shots at goal but not getting them in. We were also letting the opposite team into our D to try and score. We finished the match 0-0 but we could have worked harder. The MVP was Amelia T.



1st XV v Glenalmond: Cup Semi-Final (A) 3-6
It was an unfortunate loss for the Fettes 1st team on Tuesday. The boys showed brilliant heart in getting this far in the cup and I think we were slightly hard done by. It was a very close game and very little points were scored. The weather forced us to play within the forwards, as it was very hard for the back line to handle the ball. A couple of crucial injuries in our back row meant that attacking play was almost diminished and rucks were left exposed. We also failed to execute our opportunities when they came as we felt pressured to offload in their half of the pitch. We were rarely in this area during the game. Our defensive play, however, was outstanding and we could be seen holding off their attacks in our 22 for long periods of the game. What we also need to consider a brick wall defense is discipline. All in all a good game of rugby was played and we hold our heads up high for the next game. The MVP was Archie M.

Senior Colts A XV v Merchiston (H) 27-27
We knew as a team going into this match that it would not be an easy match, we would have to keep the intensity up throughout the match and are defense would have to be the best. We started the first 10 mins of the match with the best rugby we had played all season, this gained us the first try of the match. This however didn’t last for long and Merchiston scored four tries and this put us in a difficult position for the second half. We started the second half and kept the intensity up throughout the match. We got to 22-22 and with five minutes to go they scored again to take the score to 27-22. Fiyin then went over for us and took the score to 27-27. The MVP was Fiyin O and Murray W.

Colts A XV v Merchiston (A) 10-35
We started the match, kicking off and chasing well. The forwards, carried the ball well and rucked with high intensity. The backs distributed the ball quickly and efficiently. The best play of the match was the strong defensive hold we kept up on our try line, with strong tackles and powerful rucking to keep them away from our try line. Our focus for the next game should be rucking and supporting lines for players. The MVP’s were Brodie N and Henry A.


Colts B XV v Merchiston (A) 7-20
We started off well with solid defence, but Merchiston soon scored in a breakaway. For the rest of the half, we were up in their half, but we couldn’t break through. In the second half, sloppy defence lead to 3 tries being scored by Merchistion, despite great tackling from Harry F, Tom S and Joe D. Near the end of the half, Tom S broke through after good attacking play. Harry F converted the try and soon after the match was over. Overall, the first half was the highlight, and we need to work on our defensive play. The MVP’s were Tom Speedy and Joe D.

Junior Colts B XV v Merchiston (A) 32-5
The whole team played well. The MVP was George Maxwell.


Girl’s House Football (H) A Group: Dalmeny & B Group: Arniston
The girls’ house football was played with much spirit and enthusiasm with many competitive matches. The A team competition was extremely close and the top three positions were decided on goal difference. The winners were Dalmeny, 2nd was College West, 3rd was Arniston and 4th was College East. The B team competition was won by Arniston, 2nd was College West, 3rd Dalmeny and 4th College East.


1st IV v Merchiston (H) 1st pair : 5-11 , 9-11 2nd pair : 11-8 , 11-7
We went out with a loss but Silas showed great determination. Next time we can work better on our left-handed shots. We were better than them, it’s just they wanted it more than us. Silas G was MVP.

Junior Colts IV v Edinburgh Academy (A) 79-45
It was a hard match, with both pairs playing well. Pair A lost both matches to the Academy’s pair A by 6 points in the first match (5-11) and only lost by one point in the second (11-12). Pair A won both matches against the B side of the Academy’s. Pair B won 3 out of 4 matches (11-1, 11-2, 11-2, 8-11), losing in the first match against pair A of the Academy. The MVP was Jamie B.


Girl’s Senior House Squash (H) College East
Girls Senior House Squash was won this year by College East, for whom Amy M-B and Catriona S won all their matches. In second place were College West, just a point ahead of Dalmeny, with Arniston in fourth place


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