Senior School Sports Round Up - Week of 27th November


It was a busy week of sport in the Senior School for Rugby and Hockey, with a number of House matches taking place also.


1st XI v Marr College: Plate Match (A) 4-0
The quarter final of the plate took us to Troon to play a side we had never played before so were unsure of what to expect. In the first half we were quite panicked in defence especially, which allowed us to give away unnecessary short corners. However, we managed to defend them very well as usual with Breagh M and Cora W working well together at the back. We managed to convert our attacking short corners, as well as using the width and height of the pitch effectively. Ellie D was good at making leads into the D to give options. In the second half of the game we were much more composed which allowed us to have many more chances in the D. Despite a feisty opposition, we managed to pass the ball early to avoid their tackles. Overall a great win, which will take us into next term with hopefully a few more matches to play. The MVP was Sophie H.

1st XI v Loretto (H) 1-0
An excellent last home match to end a great season of hockey. Having so much support from the school was also a great way to end, it really does make a difference to the players. In this game, the whole team were more determined and driven to do well, so with a different mindset we managed to piece all our strengths together into a strong performance against a very capable opposition. Sofia C was very strong on the wing, even when under tight pressure she managed to distribute the ball cleanly. Gemma D’A was also making continuous leads to create passing opportunities and space in attack. Our short corner defence was strong as usual, and continuously denied Loretto from scoring. We had quite a few chances in attack and eventually scored in the second half from a short corner. After this we just had to control the game and stay calm and composed, which we just about managed to do. The final minutes were very close but we managed to keep them from equalising. Well done to the whole team.

2nd XI v Loretto (H) 7-0
The seconds had their best match of the season. Scoring in 2 out 3 chances in short corners, with dynamic passing by the midfield and defence helping bring the score up. Everyone played their best they have all season and put in their maximum effort, so overall a great game to end the season. There were some great performances from individuals in the team, especially from someone who scored 4 goals and put in outstanding work rate throughout the match. The MVP was Amy O’N.

3rd XI v Dunfermline High School (H) 4-0
With the opposition only bringing 8 players and no goal keeper this was an interesting match. We ended up giving the opposition our goal keeper and one of our players, Rose B, who was playing up for the match, so special mention goes to Rose B for this. Despite giving away two of our players we played well winning 4-0. Vi B and Abi N had some excellent strikes ending up in the back of the net. The team is looking forward to the last match of the season hoping to finish on a high. The MVP was Abi N.


3rd XI v Loretto (H) 8-0
The 3rd XI finished the season with a great success over Loretto winning 8-0. This was a good match by all, with high team spirits throughout. Special mention goes to Lara W, Eliza A, Rose B and Connie G, all playing up from the 4th XI to replace those that are unfortunately off changing. Abi N, player of the match, had a fantastic game scoring 4 goals. This was a strong 3rd XI team that many of us will be sad to be leaving behind, but there is great potential in the younger years who will be taking over the lead of this team.

4th XI v Strathallan (H) 2-1
In our final match of the season we came away with a well-deserved victory playing against Strathallan school’s 3rd XI team. Our two most valuable players were Connie G for her great play in defence, passing the ball into wing space, opening the play. Much of the game used mostly the middle channel. Rose B also received most valuable player for her play in centre striker, which she does not normally play. There was a great goal from a short corner by Daria L. A great match to finish our term, which showed how the team progressed. The MVP’s were Rose B and Connie G.

5th XI v Strathallan (H) 9-0
For the final game of what has been an exciting season – the mighty 5th’s definitely ended on a high. Our attack was stronger than ever, with our defence working hard. The amazing Kirsty C stood in to be our goalie, deflecting shots they attempted (albeit very few) professionally. A shout out to Coach Hall for leading us to our victory, what a great way to end the season. The MVP’s were Frankie B, Charlotte V and Honor S.

U15 XI v The High School of Glasgow: Cup Match (A) 1-2
The team started the match strong in their attack and managed to hold their positions and defend very well with some amazing saves in goal and strong defensive short corners. We had some breaks but unfortunately we could never get in the D fast enough to receive a pass. In the second half we managed to keep our composure and really started to pull together as a team as their strong attack forced everyone to work hard to get back and defend. This was a great focal point of the match as even the strikers were helping the defence and then making leads whenever they got a break. Unfortunately, we lost this match which therefore led to our from the cup but we still put up a great performance. The MVP’s were Zamara C and Isabella U.


U15A XI v Loretto (A) 0-4
This was quite a sad day as it was our last match as a team against an opposition but I think we still put in a great effort as we have in all our other matches. We started very strong, managing to prevent some of their strong leads and doing very well in attack too. However, in the second half, fatigue kicked in and they slipped in a few goals. We still had some exceptional goalie keeping from Louisa T who has been a key component in our team through the term and has been consistent throughout. Our defence has also improved a lot, with much better communications and strong defensive short corners. Our midfield has had to work very hard this term but have always been great at supporting and feeding the strikers. As for our strikers, they’ve had some great leads down the wings and got much more confident in ‘going for goal’. Finally, I would like to say a huge thank you to Miss Ermgassen for being a fabulous coach and to Hamish for continually encouraging and keeping our team moral high.

U15B XI v Strathallan (A) 2-0
This match started slow as the team seemed quite tired and undetermined however, at half time due to a great team chat spirits rose and as a whole everyone improved. There was fantastic play in the mid with great passes both back and across. The most valuable player goes to Zara W for her clever fast work in the mid field.

U15B XI v Loretto (A) 2-0
This was our final match of the season and as a team, we performed tremendously. Our spirit was so high and everyone tried their very best with people running and diving all over for the ball. The team has improved so much over only a term and it has been incredible to watch. Most valuable player is the goalie Beth, for her amazing work keeping the goals to a minimum in the defence and all her effort.

U15C XI v Dunfermline High School (H) 1-0
From the start we knew that this was going to be a tough match, as the ball was constantly changing possession. We had many shots on goal but we were unable to follow through and score. Using the wings we stole up the pitch and shot a clean goal. Luckily, despite some opportunities, Dunfermline did not manage to score. After half-time we came back stronger but we unfortunately couldn't gain enough possession to score again. It was a great end to the season and we couldn't be happier as it was our most evenly matched game. The MVP was Ellie K.


U14A XI v Loretto (A) 3-0
A good game to end the season! In the first half there were some excellent passes into the D leading to some great finishes by Hannah and Iona, which gave us a 3-0 lead, with Hannah scoring 2 and Iona 1. In the second half, we struggled more to finish with the ball in the goal, but some tries were made. It was a great final match for this season and a well-deserved win. The MVP’s were Iona C and Amara M-M.

U14B XI v Strathallan (A) 3-3
We started the match with a weak defence, letting Strathallan score an early goal in the first 5 minutes but we brought it back scoring another goal making it one all at half time. In the second half we started off badly as well, with Strathallan scoring another 2 goals we couldn’t manage to get the ball up the pitch and score ourselves though but in the last 3 minutes of the game Amelia (MVP) scored two goals ending the match 3-3.

U14B XI v Loretto (A) 2-1
This was our last match of the season and we wanted to win. Our first half was weak and we were not passing into space so Loretto intercepted the ball and scored an early goal. We then brought it back making the score 1 all. In the second half we started off better but we were still making mistakes we managed to get a goal in with a short corner ending the match with a win to Fettes. The MVP was Amelia T.

U14C XI v Dunfermline High School (A) 0-1
This was our best match yet. We played brilliantly, especially Kira K (MVP) and Emma T, who made some amazing clears in defence. Overall, this was a great final match for the team in what has been a tough season.



1st VII v Buckie High School: Cup Match – 2nd Round (A) 47-17
Considering the extremely long coach journey up north to Buckie, the team played over all very stylishly, the first quarter however was not a good justification of our skills ending at a score of 8-9, proving we need to start our matches with the tempo and intensity similar to that of our following quarters. There are still many areas that need huge improvement before competing in the next round of the Scottish Cup. The pace at which the team is developing currently is considerably hopeful for next term. The defence did well to use new skills of blocking and keeping the shooter on the edge of the D. The attacking half worked very well together, reading passes and making space. The player of the match was India M by making a step up and filling in with a 1st team performance.


U19 v Stewart’s Melville College (H) 0-8
This match was much harder than our previous fixture, partly due to the loss of two of our key players. Nevertheless we played our best but still lost against superior opposition. The scores were further apart than before but matches were still very well played. The MVP was Wymam C.


Boys House Swimming (H) Glencorse

The boys House Swimming was another noisy affair, with the houses turning out in their dozens to support their swimmers. The competition was fierce this year, with races finishing so close that an independent adjudicator having to make the final call. There were only 3 points between the 1st and 2nd place and well done to Glencorse who came out victorious in the end.


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