Scottish Islands Peaks Race Training in the snow

SIPR 2 2019

The SIPR squad met at 0800 on Sunday morning. The sunrise was charming; but the forecast was for snow moving in from the west. And the Pentland Hills were already icy. We thought of abandoning the training run and going back to bed.

But the Headmaster had turned up with his dog, so we scooted out to Ninemileburn. Fourteen Fettesians, and the Headmaster’s dog, trotted off into the hills. The route was ten miles long.

SIPR 3 2019

The weather turned once the squad were over the hills and down by the reservoir on the other side. There was nothing for it but to keep on running through the wet snow and rising wind.

It was a tough two hours in the hills. Well done to Seb A, Hamish C, Luc G, Thomas K, Nathan L, Louisa L, James M, Ellie M, Harvey M, Ryo O, Ella R, Fiona R, Gleb S and Hector T for sticking with the plan. It was very, very cold.

SIPR 4 2019

Back in the bus, a quick call to the dining hall ensured that there was still brunch available when the squad arrived back at Fettes. It had been worth it! Everyone felt a sense of achievement.

The Scottish Islands Peaks Race is an adventure challenge. We shall sail from island to island; and run up a peak on each island. We shall do this whatever the weather – which is why the running against the elements was such good training.

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