Royal Society Economics Lecture

Royal Society Economics Lecture 3

On the 5th of October 37 students visited the Royal Society of Edinburgh to attended a fascinating lecture exploring the question on Why we must respond to China’s Belt and Road Initiative.

The lecture was delivered by the highly-regraded global aviation specialist Peter Budd CBE. He showed the importance of China’s drive for economic development around the world, giving examples of different projects he has worked on including building the 1st 5-star hotel in China.

Both students and teachers were thoroughly drawn to his explanation on the One Belt One Road Initiative explaining its significance for the future with the project hoping to reach 63% of the world’s population. The students were enlightened with how the One Belt One Road Initiative will connect economic corridors with China to Europe via Central Asia and would impact more than 65 countries.

The students of Fettes left the talk feeling more economically aware on the impact on not just China but also how Britain would be involved in the process and the impact created.
It was very insightful and interesting.

Katherine L & Jonathan H

Royal Society Economics Lecture 2

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