Lifting the Lid - Problem Solving

Lifting the Lid 2

On Thursday 22nd November, we were joined by three OFs and two parents of current Fettesians at our first Lifting the Lid of the school year, with the theme of problem solving.

Lifting the Lid 3

The speakers enlightened us with their knowledge of how the skill of problem solving is applied and practised in their jobs with very interesting anecdotes and stories while working, as well as with valuable advice that they have gained through various experiences.

They worked in diverse areas from advertising, to risk and from investment to management consulting.

Lifting the Lid 4

Pupils from the Fifth and Sixth Forms attended, their feedback tells us how valuable they found the opportunity:

They gave me good advice on careers after university and to do what I wanted instead of what someone else wants me to do

I learned about jobs I have never heard of before, that use vital skills in life

I received advice on what to do before university, after university and how to start developing networks so that it is not such a shock when it becomes important

He gave good advice and made the talk feel very natural. Spoke also about what makes a person hire-able, which was very interesting.

Article written by Ryo O, Carrington 6th Form.

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