Language Club - Portuguese speaking students

Portuguese Lesson 2

Our native Portuguese speaking students delivered a insightful and wonderful lesson for students and teachers on beginners Portuguese last Friday.

Portuguese Lesson 4

The lesson was a huge success, both teachers and students raved about the wonderful teaching skills of our three student teachers.

One of our teaching students said, "In my opinion our Portuguese lesson was a success. Due to the fact that we had no prior experience, we had not nearly enough time to use up all the material we had planned, as our lesson ended up being much shorter than anticipated. We taught the basics of the language and the customs of the two countries: Portugal and Brazil. Other than the pronunciation, many of the lesson’s attendees moulded well to the language thanks to their knowledge of similar languages such as French and Spanish, however many of the new students made a fantastic effort. This made the teaching experience much easier. To conclude, my experience has given me a clearer view of education and what it entails, and it has personally made me more likely to teach in the future, perhaps as part of an eventual gap year or at some point during my career.” Ramiro RM.

Thank you for all that took part and we look forward to hosting more foreign language classes soon!

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