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Iona Adventure Alnwick June 2015

You can see more photos of Iona's adventure on our Flickr.

For our Adventure, Iona House headed off to Alnwick in Northumberland. When we arrived at the Alnwick Youth Hostel we dropped off our bags and then went straight to coasteering.

After the struggle of putting our wetsuits on, we got into the water. It was freezing and took a bit of time to get used to so we did some activities to warm us up. We jumped off some small rocks and then tried to see how many people we could fit on one rock. We managed to fit the whole of house on it without anyone falling off.

Iona Adventure Alnwick June 2015

Most of us stayed by a huge rock to do some more activities. We went through an amazing tunnel and the water had turned crystal blue. Then we went through another tunnel into a little cave where the instructors said there was a monster. There was nothing, although it did sound a bit like it when the waves came in and the frothing water could have been its breath.

We then all went to jump off a cliff. We all started on the smaller rocks and then most of us went on to do the bigger one.

Iona Adventure Alnwick June 2015

By the end of it we were all very tired. We got dressed and when we got back to the Youth Hostel we showered then had supper of pizza and chips. After this we split into 4 groups, The Famous Five, The Hot Potatoes, Candy C.A.N.E and Dugongs. We played some games like In the Hat and Psychiatrist. We went to bed so we had enough energy for the packed day ahead.

Iona Adventure Alnwick June 2015

Breakfast was amazing but we had to leave for Alnwick Castle. Once we arrived we were met by a man in robes called George who talked to us about mediaeval times and then taught us how to make soap. It was a little different from what we expected but still great fun. The Dragons Quest was quite scary but very funny too so there was rather a lot of shrieking. We then learnt about mediaeval writing in a scriptorium workshop, and even got to paint our own illuminations before having lunch.

In the afternoon we walked down to Alnwick Gardens and had a tour of the poisonous garden. Lily was a bit uneasy as she had brushed one of the plants with her hand; we don’t know how long she’s got left! There was an activity for saving the princess that we were all excited about. Most of us were dressed up although the costumes didn’t exactly fit. There were questions we had to answer and the last one was quite difficult. The Famous Five won, coming in first.

Iona Adventure Alnwick June 2015

After shopping and the delicious ice cream that Mr Dawson kindly bought us, we went back to the hostel. Once we finished our dinner we went to the park to play Rounders.

In the morning we went straight to the biggest second hand book shop, Barter Books. It was amazing and those of us who had saved back some pocket money bought books. Then it was time to make our way back to Scotland.

We had an excellent time away and it wouldn’t have been possible without the staff that joined us, so I would like to say a big thank you to Mr and Mrs Dawson, Miss Moodie, Mrs Quaile and finally Alnwick Youth Hostel.

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