Into The Woods

Into The Woods 2

All images from the production can be viewed on our Flickr page.

Sondheim’s Into the Woods is one of the most musically demanding pieces in the Musical Theatre repertoire. A group of over 130 people worked on the Fettes College production, from the stunning wardrobe and making department, professional band and directing team but it was the students, both on stage and off who really shone.

Stage Manager Ellie C. ran a superb team, using shadow puppetry as well as the more regular props, set moving, and organisational responsibilities. Cal C cued over 160 lighting states with metronymic precision, whilst the makeup and hair team finished the look of the production with outrageous makeup and excellent braiding.

Dance Captain, Annie S, led the dancers from the front with some exquisite solo work and a work ethos that quickly spread amongst the group.

In a production with 21 named parts, it is difficult to pick between the principal characters, whether it be the startling acting of Cinderella’s stepfamily, or the creepy advances of the Big Bad Wolf.
Rory H and Hamish M glowed as the faithless, hapless Princes Charming, with Violet B stoic as the jilted Cinderella. Imogen V and Oliver P brought youthful petulance to their parts as Little Red Riding Hood and Jack and were professional to a fault.

Grace T and Ben T were the heart of the show, playing the Baker’s Wife and the Baker, desperately trying to start a family. Their kindly, authentic relationship even managed to survive Ben dropping Grace on one of the nights, even if it didn’t survive a giant attack. The Giant was ably played by Special Guest Star, Mrs. Debbie Spens, in her final appearance on the Fettes stage and the first one in a main school production that didn’t mean stealing a costume and sneaking on in a chorus scene.

The nights, however, belonged to Madeleine G. Her characterisation of the Witch moved from the hysterical to the righteous with ease and her vocal performance was spine tingling and full of hurt.

Huge congratulations to all involved in the show that played to over 1200 people.

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