HSBC Mandarin Speaking Competition

HSBC Mandarin 2017

Fettesians traveled to York to take part in the regional heat hoping that they would make it through to the London final. Thanks to Kenta O for the report below:

"On a crisp winter morning on the 8th of December, whilst our compatriots in house snuggled themselves in bed at 6:20 for another hour of beauty sleep, the mandarin HSBC speaking competition members headed off to York. As soon as we got off the train, the venue was in sight.

When we arrived we quickly prepared ourselves for the performance arming ourselves with our deadliest Chinese acting skills. After five other school’s interesting performances were finished, we got into our positions. At that moment we knew that we had a date with destiny; lines were delivered; Fergus was hit by Ezra (as part of the scene!), and Oliver leapt into Michael’s motherly embrace.

As we left the stage, we hoped victory was promised to us as a member from the opponent school whispered “Their play was really good…”. And with that, we made our way home on the 15:32 train, more tired than we expected. Now we just have to wait until we get the official notification that we are participating in the competition in London"

NEWS JUST IN - we have made it to the final! How exciting!

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