First World War Replica Photo

CCF Replica Photo 3

On Wednesday afternoon our CCF pupils replicated a photo taken of Fettes Pupils just before the First World War

John Hay Beith (better known as the writer Ian Hay) who was a pupil and later teacher at Fettes in the early 20th century, in a book of memories of the school put together in 1931, he refers to the original photo of the Officers’ Training Corps taken before the First World War:

The average age of those boys (in 1909) must have been sixteen or seventeen, which means that when the war broke out, most of them were twenty-one or so. Practically every one of them served. I can see the photograph as I write. In the forefront of the Company I recognise the sturdy figure of Platoon Sergeant Norman Adam, himself the son of a distinguished soldier and Old Fettesian, General F.A. Adam. Young Adam served through the war as a gunner, with distinction. He was killed in action, near Arras, within three months of the Armistice. I give him as a sample; a similar proud tale could be told of many – of most – of those who stand paraded behind him. I wonder how many of them dreamed, as they posed stiffly for that photograph, that in ten years’ time their names would be inscribed upon a Fettes War Memorial erected almost upon the very spot on which they were standing?

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