Fettes in China

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On Thursday 13th July, Fettes College signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Bright Scholar Education Group, renowned as one of China’s top private education providers.

The agreement is for Bright Scholar to create a purpose-built school in Southern China that bears the Fettes name and adopts the ethos and aims of Fettes College, Edinburgh.

It is anticipated that the school will cater for 2,500 pupils aged 2-18 and is planned to open in 2019.

Bright Scholar approached Fettes College because they are aware of the world-class, all-round education we offer our pupils, something they wish to emulate. Bright Scholar currently runs 51 independent schools in China and so their expertise and understanding of the importance of education is undisputed.

The Governors of the Fettes Trust believe that this partnership will be transformational with significant financial changes resulting from the Fettes China project. Profits from the collaboration will significantly grow the Endowment Fund year-on-year, thus ensuring the financial future of Fettes (including substantial bursarial support for future generations).

This project will be pivotal in ensuring that the philanthropic vision of Sir William Fettes continues.

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