College West Bulletin -March 2019

College West Bulletin - March 2

College West Bulletin - March 2019

Lacrosse Nationals

Over the weekend Sam, Soufia and Issy all travelled down to Surrey to play at the national lacrosse tournament. The first day was very challenging however we all played really well as a team and managed to advance into division 1! The next day was even more challenging as we played against some of the best schools in England. Although we were knocked out of the tournament, it was an amazing experience for all of the girls and we are excited to go back to Surrey next year!

Lacrosse Nationals 2

House Netball

Despite a few setbacks with members of the team, West were determined to give it their best shot. Although we didn’t win, we all enjoyed working together and made the most out of the experience with Annabel hardly missing any shots!

East and West Ball

Last Saturday evening, we hosted the annual valentines ceilidh with College East. Our theme this year was red carpet. It was great to see the dining hall full of gold balloons and fairy lights and everyone had to walk down the red carpet when entering. There was a great turn out and we all had a really enjoyable evening. It was a great way to relax after a pretty hectic term for most. Our catering staff prepared excellent and much needed, half way pizza and fries for us, so thank you as always for that.

And also thank you to the band for the music and to everyone who came for making it such a great evening for everyone.

College West Bulletin - March 3

West and Carrington Mixer

West and Carrington L6th enjoyed a much needed detox 9-10 social after a stressful week; with plenty of food, a roaring game of Mario kart and cards against humanity. We all enjoyed spending time with our brother house and catching up. We all enjoyed playing cards and passing around bowls of food, much to everyone’s delight, with plans being made for a BBQ in the summer.

College West Bulletin - March 4

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