College West Bulletin - 26 January 2018

CW news 26.01.18 1

The Burns Supper.
On Saturday night fourth, fifth and lower sixth form went to the school burns supper. It was lots of fun and the speeches were great. It gave everyone a chance to celebrate such a famous Scot. I especially enjoyed it as I said part of the Tam O’shanter, along with some of the other L6th form, it was a great experience.

CW news 26.01.18 2

The fourth Form Climbing Trip.
On Sunday we went climbing at Ratho with Carrington 4th Form. It was great fun, although our arms ached by the end and it also snowed (so the arena was very cold). Our instructors taught us a lot about climbing, abseiling and bouldering, and I had a wonderful time.

And, The Third Form Bowling Trip.
On Saturday the 20th of January, third form had a cinema and bowling trip. We all got to choose if we wanted to go to the cinema or to go bowling. I choose to go to the cinema to see The Greatest Showman. We got a coach to the cinema where we could buy some food before going in. The movie was really good and it was so nice to watch it with all my friends, I’m sure the people who went bowling had a great time too! Thank you to everyone who organised it and to the teachers who gave up their Saturday evening to take us.

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