College West Bulletin - 26 Feb 2018

Chinese New Year,

On Saturday night, the Westies enjoyed a lovely meal out to Beijing Banquet to celebrate Chinese New Year. The atmosphere throughout the restaurant was amazing and we thoroughly enjoyed the delicious food and good company. We were also lucky enough to be entertained by a variety of Fettesian’s performing Chinese traditions, including songs and dances. Overall the night was fun, festive and all of the Westies thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

Chinese new year - 12.3.18

On Sunday night, after chapel, some of the 5th form organized a low-key board game and cards night for the house. There were representatives from every year group there for a quick hour to chat and play games. Although at times it did get quite competitive, it was overall really fun and was enjoyed by everyone who was there!

To celebrate the end of our mock exams, 5th form went to play some exciting games of Bubble Football. This entailed us playing the normal game of football whilst being enclosed in massive bubbles... We played a few matches and did a roly-poly race. Though many of us were quite violent with each other, we all had a really enjoyable time. Afterwards, Mrs Bruce took us to McDonald's, which left us all completely stuffed!

26.1.18 CW2

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