College West Bulletin - 19 January 2018

5th Form Trip to Berlin

5th form Berlin

On the last day of Autumn term Gabby, Ellie and myself left the school grounds before the sun had risen to embark on the Berlin trip. The first day mainly consisted of our travels but we were also able to visit the famous Berlin Christmas markets due to our hostel only being a few U-Bahn stops away. We visited more markets every day on the trip for lunch and dinner, but nothing could quite beat first smelling the warm, sugary crepes, seeing the gorgeous stalls and hearing a mix of laughter and Christmas music.
The next day we visited the concentration camp Sachsenhausen, which was incredibly saddening yet fascinating to see. We then went to Wannsee to see where the Wannsee Conference was held. The highlight of that day, and one of the highlights overall from the trip was getting to visit the Reichstag, Berlin’s parliament. It was fascinating to be standing in a place which so much history behind it and our tour guide was very impressed when we told him our school was often compared to Hogwarts!
The next day started with a coach tour of Berlin and got to touch the Berlin Wall, see the Holocaust Memorial and see the Olympic Stadium. We then visited both the Checkpoint Charlie museum and the Resistance Museum. That night we had dinner in an Italian restaurant that the school has been going to ever since the trip has started. I can see why as the pizza was delicious and the atmosphere was amazing. On the Friday we traveled to Potsdam to see where the Potsdam Conference was held and were able to see tables and chairs the people such as Winston Churchill himself would have sat in. We then arrived at the Statsi Prison which was one of my highlights from the trip because we met a man working there who had been imprisoned in the prisons himself numerous times. He had an amazing story about forgiveness. We then went to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which although it wasn’t quite history related it was still very enjoyable!
On our last day we went to the German History Museum which has an amazing exhibit from post WW1 up to the collapse of the Berlin Wall. We also visited the DDR Museum which was very interactive and not like any museum I had seen before. We then had a few hours to do some last-minute shopping and exploring before we sadly had to go to the airport to leave Berlin. Prior to going on this trip, I had often heard people say it was their highlight of their time at Fettes. Now, I can fully understand why.

CW Baking 1

On Saturday the 13th of January, the 3rd and 4th form really enjoyed a baking activity with meg and Antonia, it was really good fun and great to get to know the new 3rd form. We made cookie dough, top hat marshmallows and rocky road. It was very delicious and a lovely Saturday night treat.

Cleodie and Annabels trip to Grand Canaria,

Over New year Annabel and I went on a sailing trip around the Canaries. On board there were a number of people with different disabilities and throughout the voyage we learnt how to work with them. We went from Gran Canaria to Tenerife and then La Palma. It was a really amazing experience and we met loads of new friends.

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