College West Bulletin - 12 March 2018

12.3.18 CW3

With the severe red weather alert in Edinburgh, some of the more vulnerable members of our community were badly affected by the snowfall. To try and help, a group of L6th (including 2 westies) went out to help clear the driveway and parking lot of a nearby nursing home. Some of us were breaking the ice that had formed, while others were shovelling away ice and snow. We left the nursing home with complete access so visitors and supplies could get through. Mrs Nicol and Mr Weatherby kept us motivated through our hard work. It was very rewarding being able to see some of the people living in the nursing home looking out the windows, smiling and waving at us, especially knowing that we had taken a small portion out of our day to make a big difference to their daily life.

12.3.18 CW1

On Saturday night, College West and College East held the middle school ball. The snow didn’t stop everyone from enjoying the Ceilidh, although we couldn’t wear heels for practical reasons! Dispute this everyone looked lovely and it was great fun to be able to get ready together for the event. With the theme of Masquerade, and American dining, middle school had a blast.

12.3.18 CW4

On Tuesday afternoon we took part in house netball and were ready with a competitive spirit to give it are best shot! Our first match, against college east, we were delighted to win. To start off playing so well together was very promising! However, unfortunately we lost our following two matches against Dalmeny and Arniston but they were close, and in no-way were they major defeats. Overall we came third and although we didn’t win, it was a lovely, enjoyable afternoon of netball and everyone should be proud of their performances. Additionally, thank you to all those not playing who came to support giving us the extra encouragement we needed.

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