CAS Fundraising Abseil

CAS Abseil

On a balmy June Sunday, a brave group of Fettes students took part in the Forth Rail Bridge abseil.

The challenge itself involved a 165ft free-fall abseil from the Forth Rail Bridge onto the beach below. The atmosphere in South Queensferry was alive with music and applause from supporters and passersby looking on as we made our way to the registration point. The event organisers delivered the safety briefing while Fettes students amused themselves with the jangling metal safety harnesses and as the group scampered up the steps to the bridge the sound could have been mistaken for a herd of cows donning cow bells. The steward at the top of the steps told us jokes as we awaited our turn with a mixture of apprehension and excitement.

Being up on the bridge itself was a sobering experience. We were somewhat distracted from the stunning views of the estuary and bridges
by the knowledge that we were each about to climb over the barrier putting complete trust in a piece of rope and the person who had just clipped us into it. The instructors were relaxed and professional and though they did their best to reassure us with stories of people getting their hair caught in the pulleys I doubt any of us heard a word they said.

Cheers from the spectators below spurred everyone on to take the plunge and the entire group descended onto the beach below without a hitch. Celebratory ice creams were in order as we each took a moment to calm our nerves and acknowledge what we had just achieved. All the participants worked hard to raise funds through sponsorship to support
our chosen charity The Rock Trust. At the time of writing the total raised amounts to over £1700; a fantastic achievement.

Well done to all involved and many thanks to our photographer and driver Mr Cheadle.

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