Day Pupils

At Fettes Prep we treat boarding and day pupils in exactly the same way and we take the utmost care in looking after all our pupils.

A successful mix

We have a very successful mix of local day pupils and boarders which means that your child will make friends with children from just down the road as well as from around the world.

Quality time at home

Although day pupils can be picked up at 4.00pm, we understand that there are many busy parents who require a later pick-up time. Many of our day pupils stay with us to have dinner and do their prep so that when you pick them up (sometime before 6.00pm) they have completed all their homework and had their dinner so they can have some quality time at home with you.

Flexible pick-up times

Obviously as a boarding school we can on occasion take care of your child should the 6.00pm pick-up prove impossible. We do not charge you any extra for your child staying after 4.00pm nor do we charge any extra for them having dinner with us.

Evening activities

Day pupils are welcome to all our evening activities and we actively encourage the older children to stay late on both Tuesdays and Thursdays so they can take advantage of all the opportunities the boarders have.