Iona House

Houseparents - David and Corinna Dawson

Our aim is to make Iona as much of a home to your girls as it is to us, our dogs and our chickens. Our own children have nearly flown the nest but have left us with plenty of pastoral experience.

Highlights of the Year

We really enjoy taking the girls to explore Edinburgh and beyond at the weekends. We aim to make them like family outings – it just takes two minibuses to fit everyone in! It is very rewarding watching the girls have fun together and encouraging each other to give new things a go. Consideration of others comes high in our priorities and our Charity Challenge, when we either raise money or give our time to a good cause, is always a highlight of the year along with our Camp and Adventure weekends.

Taster sessions

We would love you to visit us in person to see our house for yourselves. If your daughter would like, she can also have an overnight taster session to see what life at Fettes Prep and Iona is really like.