Transition to Senior

We believe that every Fettes Prep student has had the benefit of an education that will set them up for a bright future, in any senior school in the world.

Superb teaching facilities

That is because our school has a very distinct identity of its own with teaching professionals and facilities that are second to none.

Fettes College

However, it also has something rather special on its doorstep, Fettes College, one of the world’s finest senior schools.

Shared facilities

Every single day our students benefit from that great school’s proximity. We share many of their facilities; from the 25-metre swimming pool to the dining hall; the rugby pitches to the drama theatre. So our children have a positive experience of the College before they even start there.

A shared ethos

Fettes College and Fettes Prep also share one other important thing – our ethos. This manifests itself in a determination to provide the best education your child could ever hope for.

A smooth transition

All of these things combine to make the transition from Fettes Prep to Fettes College a very smooth one.