Support for Learning

The Support for Learning Department plays an important role in supporting pupils who have specific difficulties with learning.

Flexible support

As these pupils are all individuals we are very flexible in the way that we provide support so that we can do our best to meet the specific needs of each pupil. This support may include one or more of the following: supporting parents or teachers in an advisory capacity, providing support within the classroom, providing individual or small group tuition with a specialist teacher, or providing support with homework.

Regular, open communication

In line with national standards, our aim is always towards identifying the least intrusive, most effective support. Regular, open communication is encouraged with pupils, parents and with outside professionals.

Fostering self-esteem

Our most important role is to foster the pupils’ self-esteem to help to create resilient children who are optimistic and hopeful, feel appreciated in the eyes of others, view mistakes and obstacles as challenges and retain their natural optimism.