Religious Studies

It’s all about the important issues of today. Within Religious and Moral Education we aim to stimulate interest in, and enthusiasm for, the study of the contribution and impact of contemporary religion.

Developing reasoned judgements

There is also a thorough introduction to key moral and philosophical questions. Throughout their time with us we encourage our pupils to develop the ability to make reasoned, informed and independent judgements about all these questions.

Respecting the views of others

They are shown how to maintain and develop confidence in these personal judgements while all the time growing in maturity and remaining sensitive to the views of others.

Looking deeper

Throughout our courses pupils are presented with material that takes nothing for granted but still challenges them and encourages them to go beyond the straight-forward and surface of issues.

Analysis and evaluation

By working in this way they are also well-equipped with those tools of analysis and evaluation of key issues which will serve them well throughout their lives.