A pupil at Fettes College Preparatory School can run, jump, throw, roll, hit, tackle, dance, swim (on their own or in a team) until they find a physical activity they enjoy!

Importance of physical activity

At Fettes, we recognise the valuable role that physical activity plays in the social, mental and physical health and well-being of a pupil.

The four strands

At present there are four strands to physical activity at Fettes Prep:
Games, Activities, the Elite Athlete Programme and Physical Education.

The PE department is currently undertaking training/research to include a fifth strand – Motor Development.

The PE programme

A pupil at Fettes will be involved in three games sessions per week, two activities and two 40 minute Physical Education sessions. The PE programme offers an enviable breadth and depth, the College is fortunate enough to have the facilities to include all six components of the National Curriculum (key stages 1, 2, 3 and 4).

Developing a love of sports

The balance of Physical Education is always evolving at Fettes, but the focus will always be on supporting each and every pupil in finding a physical activity from which they will derive much pleasure, long after they have left the College.