Modern Languages

At Fettes Prep School all pupils are taught French from the age of 7 by subject specialists.

A solid foundation

In the top two years, pupils are taught in sets according to their ability in the language. They use the textbook 'French Prep 2: So you really want to learn French?' and accompanying resources, which gives them a solid foundation for starting GCSE.

French Assistant

The French Assistant also teaches the scholarship students twice a cycle to prepare them for the rigours of the Scholarship exam and GCSE French.

Trip to France

Pupils have an opportunity every year to travel to France where they put their skills into practice!

Language choices

In the Spring Term of the Second Form, pupils are advised of the language choices offered at GCSE. The Prep School and College Heads of Department communicate regularly to ensure pupils are more than adequately prepared to start the GCSE syllabus.