Maths can be fascinating… Maths can be frustrating,
Maths can be magical… Maths can be maddening,
Maths is beyond the classroom wall… Maths is beyond the examination hall,
Maths is a worldwide subject … we have worldwide pupils.

A vital life skill

Of course it is invariably at the forefront of academic attention. As such, it is a foundation subject – building itself and generating from previous knowledge, as well as supporting other disciplines. It is, beyond school, a vital life skill.

Precision and confidence

Meeting all these aspects is our clear aim – to engage sound knowledge with skills and techniques to allow precision and confidence. This builds towards the success of being able to select and complete the appropriate Maths at any given opportunity.

Specialised teaching

Prep School Maths progresses from the strength and security of familiarity with a class teacher in the lower years to more specialised teaching in the upper years. Due regard is paid to the Curriculum and Guidelines nationally allowing us to mould our own course according to its structure and embrace all ability levels.

Practical Maths

Practical Maths for dexterity of method and strategies and mental agility are seen as critical components allied to other ‘traditional’ skills, such as tables and algebra. ICT components are integrated as and when necessary and appropriate. We offer authentic and realistic Mathematical situations alongside more formal structures.

Smooth progression

We aim to affect a smooth and successful progressive transition to the Mathematics expected in a Senior School and engage successfully in the anticipated GCSE programme.

An ‘open book’ policy

All teachers bring to the classroom other skills, influences and experiences besides their years of Mathematical expertise. An ‘open book’ policy encourages the children to seek advice from any of the Maths staff at any time of doubt or uncertainty of understanding. Close liaison with the Support for Learning department is ongoing at all times.