The teaching of Latin in the Prep School is exciting and fun. Latin is taught from Year 7 and all the pupils enjoy learning about grammar, gods and mythological heroes.

Bringing Latin to life

The focus is on providing a basis for their English grammar by introducing pupils to terms like nouns, adjectives and prepositions but also by enthusing pupils through the enjoyment that only Greek myths and the Romans can provide. Innovative teaching and the use of technology bring the language to life.

Latin Day

There is a Latin Day once a year where there is a carousel of four very popular activities – drama, story-telling, being marched around by a bossy centurion and a treasure hunt on the grounds.

Trip to Rome

All the pupils in the Prep School that have joined in Year 7 go to Rome as part of their curriculum to study the Colosseum and other glorious archaeological remains. Competitions, visits to museums and quizzes make it all a buzzing atmosphere.

High standards

Huge emphasis is placed on making sure that each student is at the appropriate level and that standards are high. Many Prep School pupils who study Latin secure scholarships for the Senior School. If there is enough demand for Classical Greek, tuition can be arranged.

Superb teaching

Stephanie Wilman represents the Latin department at the Prep School. The pupils receive a high standard of teaching, working from a grammatically-based course. Nevertheless, pupils continue to enjoy learning about the mythology, lifestyle and history of the Romans, as a context against which to learn the language. Besides, real life chariot races and battle re-enactments make grammar that little bit more palatable!