History in the Prep School is ‘hands-on.’ Our aim is to provide a curriculum that promotes experience as well as tuition; enquiry as well as questions and an enthusiasm for the subject.

Independent thinking

Inspirational experiences, such as the annual trip to Rome, bring the subject to life; enquiries and projects that use a wide range of sources promote independent thinking and learning.

Bringing history to life

Visits and workshops form an important part of the curriculum. From 17th century Gladstone's Land to participating in a Victorian classroom or having a Roman feast, or from learning about Holyrood Palace or experiencing the plague at Mary King's Close, these visits enthuse and inspire.

Analytical skills

Children’s knowledge, understanding and skills are constantly assessed, progressing to more formal examinations in T, First and Second form. The syllabus has been designed in collaboration with the College and by Second Form, the pupils are expected to analyse a variety of sources and, in preparation for entry into the College, more emphasis is placed on essay writing.