We aim to enable our pupils to develop, to the highest level, the skills associated with speaking and listening, reading and writing.

Sharing our enthusiasm

We aim to make pupils aware of the way that language works in their lives, and share with them our enthusiasm for the wealth of literature that our native tongue has to offer.

Essential skills

The skills that our pupils will develop are essential for the study of other subjects here at Fettes Preparatory School, but also beyond the classroom. Our pupils are introduced to a wide range of literary texts, chosen to engage the interest of a range of ages and abilities and to develop a sense of identity.

Fostering a love of reading

We aim to foster a love of reading, both for its own sake and for what it can teach us about ourselves and about the world around us. Spelling and grammar matter, but we balance a concern for accuracy with a desire to ensure our pupils’ imaginative engagement with the subject.

Creative writing

Extended creative writing projects encourage pupils to develop their own writing and ensure that drafting and proof-reading skills are established. Our pupils enjoy seeing their work displayed and handwriting enjoys a high profile.