Drama in the Prep School aims to be an exciting labyrinth; full of adventure, fantasy, exploration and play.

Developing performance skills

Before any attempt is made to entice the children into the magical world of Drama, creating a safe and secure learning environment is paramount. Only when the pupils feel suitably comfortable, will they be able to learn. When a secure environment has been created, then performance skills are developed through play, stories, Shakespeare, games, mime, puppetry, poetry, film and lots, lots more!

Live performance

As well as a myriad of exciting classroom activities, there are also many opportunities for Fettes Prep School Drama students to experience performing in front of an audience. The M, P & S Form take to the stage in December each year to get the festive season off to a glittery start with their exciting Christmas plays.

On stage and behind the scenes

In January the T Form begin rehearsals for their Easter production at the end of the Spring Term, whilst the First and Second Forms prepare for the annual school play in May. There is plenty of opportunity for everyone to get involved both on the stage and behind the scenes to show off their dramatic skills!