Small class sizes and enthusiastic teachers are only the beginning of learning at Fettes Prep.

At Fettes Prep we aim to provide a first-class education which will equip each child for life in and out of the classroom. In particular, it is our aim to provide a sound base in language and numbers, the springboards to success in all other areas of the curriculum.

A love of knowledge

We seek to foster a love of knowledge with the ability to question, debate, analyse and make informed judgements.

Independent learning

Pupils are encouraged to learn independently and to recognise that learning does not stop at the lesson bell or upon leaving the classroom but that each moment of their day represents an opportunity to learn and to understand.

A secure learning environment

We believe that young children learn best in an environment in which they feel secure, so our younger pupils are taught the core subjects by their form teacher in their form room base. Older pupils, however, learn specialist subjects from specialist teachers often using the resources and staff from Fettes College.