Peter Worlledge


I joined Fettes in 2009 following a career which had absolutely nothing to do with education. Nevertheless, I put my Big 4 Accountancy qualification and experience in corporate finance and latterly in industry to good effect at Fettes and consider myself very privileged to be associated with such a forward thinking and progressive school.

For those who still wonder what it is a Bursar does precisely, I can summarise it perhaps as watching over the fabric and conscience of the school whilst others deliver the life and soul.

There is never a dull day and little to hamper the school’s development and progress but our collective enthusiasm and imagination, which appear boundless.

Having spent my early years in Switzerland before heading to the South of England, it seems natural to have returned to a land of hills and snow and, away from Fettes, I find any excuse to ski with the family, walk the dogs with my daughters or simply enjoy an inevitably long round of golf with my very patient son.