Deborah Whitcombe

Director of Drama and 2nd Form Tutor

My interest in things theatrical (and perhaps teaching) actually began with a re-enactment of the Crusades in a lively History lesson, when I was nine, and my friends and family will tell you that I have carried on being dramatic ever since!

I trained at what is now rather grandly called The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama and once I had my degree, I taught in London, where I married, then at Rugby School, where we had our two girls, along with a menagerie of pets. We moved on from there as I found myself drawn back to my roots in beautiful, blustery Northumberland. Later we found ourselves in Yorkshire, where I was in charge of Drama at Queen Margaret’s School and was able to direct an array of challenging productions. And now I’m in the stunning city of Edinburgh, with the approval of my Scottish mother, and have the very different experience of teaching younger children

I have already enjoyed producing a variety of shows, and while squeezing in some dog-walking and cycling, I will doubtless be working on the next venture, inspired by the boundless energy and enthusiasm of the Fettes Prep pupils!