Andrea Weatherby

Teacher of English

My love of teaching English started at an early age when my P3 teacher wrote in my report card that, "Andrea should become an English teacher as she loves language and helping those in her reading group", who am I to question my teacher's opinion?

I studied English in Glasgow, where I was taught by two of the great literary legends, Ali Smith and Iain Crichton Smith and they encouraged my love of Scottish language and Modern literature. I have taught in a variety of schools in Scotland and Australia and this has fostered a love for students of all abilities and all attitudes towards English.

Outside of the classroom, I love reading (poems, plays, books, cereal packets, bus tickets) and have set up book groups wherever I have lived. I also love being creative, especially sewing, and I'm fortunate to be the Wardrobe Mistress at Fettes College. And finally . . . and most importantly . . . I love children as I am constantly learning from them.