Robert Duncan Ferguson

House and Years at Fettes:
CW 1953-58

Qualifications & Career:
B.Sc. C.Eng. FIET. Royal Navy 1958-1993 Captain.

Most cherished memory:
Performing in House play "Murder in the Red Barn"

Only a Royal Naval Scholarship at age 16, which was a great boon to my parents who were struggling to meet the fees.

Event or personality:
My housemaster, George Chesterton Booth, who was so amazing as to be extraordinary!

Conscientious student?
Not really, I think I did the minimum necessary to get by.

Outside the classroom:
What free time? It seemed to be all work or rugby training! However, I did get involved in amateur dramatics, debating, bird-watching, photography, woodwork and the naval section of the Corps.