Mike Cullen

College East

I left in 4th year and got 7 O levels I think and a number of AOs as I left too early for A level. The AOs were Geology, Economics and I think Physical Geography.

Cherished memory:
Playing in the Pipe Band – playing for the school Squash team, 1st Cricket and Rugby – 2 house plays – getting my 7 O levels against all the odds (according to the masters !!)

Event that left a lasting memory:
On my last day I received the Crawford Cup which was a complete and pleasant surprise. It cost my father a huge insurance premium to insure it as it was so large and of good silver content. A bit of overkill there as regards the size of the cup in relation to what it was awarded for.

Conscientious student:
I suppose I was for my O levels only and to a much lesser degree for my AO level exams.

How I spent my free time:
A lot of tenor drum practising with the Pipe Band and latterly the big drum ( I think we won the Scottish Schools twice in my time – hence all the practising) A lot of sport, particularly squash.