Julia Trotter (nee Close)

House and Years at Fettes:
College East 1988-1993

Qualifications and career:
MA in Zoology and VetMB- degree in Veterinary Medicine, at Cambridge University.
I am now a Small Animal Veterinary Surgeon in Edinburgh.

What is your most cherished memory from your time at Fettes?
I have so many! I have fantastic memories of house hockey and lacrosse matches. It was serious stuff! I have very vivid memories of the Pipe Band- especially on Founder's Day- and these memories always come flooding back whenever I hear the pipes playing!

And your least?
'Litter pick' on a Saturday morning!

If relevant, what did being a scholar at Fettes mean to you?
Johanides Scholar. I felt rewarded for my hard work, and it encouraged me to continue to study hard.

What event or personality left a lasting impression on you?
Mrs Eveling, our house mistress, was an inspiring person- she encouraged us to work hard, and she looked after us as though we were all her own children.

Were you a conscientious student?
Yes - I think so!

Outside the classroom, how did you spend your free time at Fettes?
Playing sport - hockey and lacrosse in the Autumn/Easter Terms. Athletics in the summer term. I was also a member or the Chapel Choir and the Concert Choir. Hockey would have to be at the top of the list though!