Gordon K. MacLeod III (Scott MacLeod)

House and Years at Fettes:
Kimmerghame 1977-1978

Qualifications and career:
I have a Master's Degree in sociocultural Anthropology. I've taught college, most recently a course on "Information Technology and Society" on Harvard's virtual island in Second Life.

I'm presently developing the free, open, 'edit this page' World University & School - like Wikipedia with MIT Open Course Ware - potentially in all languages, countries, subjects and levels.

What is your most cherished memory from your time at Fettes?
The milieu of beautiful Fettes - its buildings and grounds, Kimmerghame House and the main building, Scots' accents, making friends - especially coming from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which was a very different 'world.'

And your least?
Being an 'outsider' can be unknowingly difficult, - unfamiliar with Fettesian and Scots' cultural patterns as I was.

What event or personality left a lasting impression on you?
I enjoyed the atmosphere of good will which our Housemaster and Housemistress, Mr. and Mrs. George Preston, created in Kimmerghame House. I also enjoyed getting to know the Headmaster and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Chenevix-Trench, through a cooking class Mrs. Chenevix-Trench taught where they lived.

I also enjoyed playing in the Fettes College Pipes & Drums. When competing against Gordonstoun in 1977, we took second place in piping; just starting to grow a spotty beard then, and coming out of liberal America, which had slightly less emphasis on Dress than a Scots' Pipe Band does, I hadn't shaved, and the judge commented on this. I wondered if this contributed to our taking second prize, instead of a first, because we were playing well. We also piped in the Edinburgh Castle, which was exciting for a 17 year old from the States.

Were you a conscientious student?
In some respects.

Outside the classroom, how did you spend your free time at Fettes?
Travelling. I visited family friends, the Cuthbertsons on holiday in a hunting lodge in the very north of Scotland near John O'Groats, the MacKays and Schradings in Edinburgh, and I spent some time on the Isle of Mull, camping in a tent in windy April, and I also visited friends I made at Fettes in their families' homes in Scotland.