Frank Gamble

House and Years at Fettes:
College West 1966-1970

Qualifications and career:
MA (Hons) Economics Dundee University 1975
A.C.I.B. Scot 1978 (Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland 1978
Fellowship Papua New Guinea Institute of Banking and Business Management 2000
Open Exhibition Fettes College 1966
Governors Prize Economics 1970
Begg Leaving Exhibition 1970
Bowie Prize Dundee University 1975
Class Medal for first place Economics Dundee University 1975
Sir John Ross Prize Institute of Bankers in Scotland 1978

I started work in 1976 with Bank of Scotland as a graduate trainee in St. Andrews, then joined Grindlays Bank in London in 1978 as an Assistant Account Manager. Grindlays was taken over by ANZ Banking Group from Australia. My career took me to Kenya, Sharjah (in the UAE as my first branch manager's role) Zurich, then country manager's roles in Qatar, Bangladesh, Papua New Guinea, UAE and Iran, Sri Lanka (on secondment with Standard Chartered Bank) a spell back in London and finally as CEO South Korea in Seoul before retiring for the first time!) in 2006. Got bored and joined a Christian Microfinance banking network as Global Chief Operating Officer, based in Kampala Uganda, left them in February 2010 and am about to return to Papua New Guinea as Chief Risk Officer Western Pacific with ANZ again. This should be my last job! Well I thought so but came back to PNG yet again (must be a glutton for punishment) as Chief Credit Officer for a local bank, BSP. I no longer promise that this will be my last job!

What is your most cherished memory from your time at Fettes?
My last 2 years when I was at last studying subjects I wanted to study. And being dragged in to see the Headmaster (Ian "the Bulge" Macintosh) who lambasted me for coming bottom in German and Greek. This despite the fact that I didn't do either subject in the U5. A clear case of mistaken identity. He wanted someone else!

And your least?
Getting caught drinking on the first day of term in my second last summer term, ending up in the San, and thinking for a week that we (there were more than 1 of us) had got away with it until the houseman popped out of his study a few days later, accosted us and asked who wanted "it" first. "It" being 6 of the best.

Were you awarded a scholarship at Fettes and, if so, what did it mean to you?
Yes, an Open Exhibition in 1966. The monetary benefit was small (GBP 50 a year) but it meant a lot to my parents.

What event or personality left a lasting impression on you?
Geoff Simmons, my Economics teacher and Dave Pighills my Biology master. "Eee lad, you've been eating polos, means you've been smokin'. 50 lines." (He was usually correct of course. ) He went on to do much the same as the Head of Strathallan. Lastly when David Kennedy, who was my house tutor in College West in my last year, and who was still at Fettes when my eldest Scott started in 1993 almost choked on hearing his name. DK's reaction was, "Please tell me you are not related to Frank Gamble?". DK was a great mentor to all 3 of my children who are now OFs.

Were you a conscientious student?
Not in the first 2 years (U4 and U5) but once I started in the 6th form a light went off and I loved what I was studying (Economics, Geography and Biology) and I started studying for pleasure. I remember in my A level year last term doing revision at 5 a.m.

Outside the classroom, how did you spend your free time at Fettes?
Some sport (hockey, fencing), shooting, reading, listening to music in my study. It was the 60's and the Stones, Beatles, Leonard Cohen, John Mayall, Eric Clapton and other Gods were playing magnificent music. I went to see Mayall at the Usher Hall in 1969. Frequent trips out on half days to the cinema were a pleasure too, to see such classics as Bullitt, 2001, If and The Dirty Dozen.