David Vanniasingham

House and Years at Fettes:
Carrington 1979 - 1984

Qualifications and career:
Consultant Ophthalmologist in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

What is your most cherished memory from your time at Fettes?
Lots of them. Carrying the housemaster's car onto the tennis court. Raiding the other dorms. Friendly ragging of the juniors.

And your least?
The food. The long runs.

What event or personality left a lasting impression on you?
The late George Buchanan-Smith, Robert Philp, GDC Preston, Ronnie Guild

Were you a conscientious student?
Far from it.

Outside the classroom, how did you spend your free time at Fettes?
Listening to music, going into town. I know this must sound awful but a fair number of us were quite naughty and always up to something.