David Swinton

House and Years at Fettes:
Kimmerghame 1961-1964

Qualifications & Career:
A "Desmond" from the University of Life!

What is your most cherished memory from your time at Fettes?
There are so many! Setting up a Motor Club in the face of opposition from all levels of authority was a good moment. Being part of the Fettes/Epsom expedition to Iceland comes a close second.

And your least?
The long cold walk to breakfast in the winter when another 30 minutes in bed would have been a much better idea.

What event or personality left a lasting impression on you?
Ian Mackintosh (the Head) Dick Cole Hamilton (House Master) and George Buchanan Smith all left a lasting impression on me. (A good one!)

Were you a conscientious student?
I was very conscientious about playing House Rugby, running the Motor Club and enjoying myself.

Outside the classroom, how did you spend your free time at Fettes?
I was a member of the Scout troop – rising to the exhausted rank of Queens Scout – and acted as the quartermaster for our "field day" weekend.
A bit of acting in house plays.
Running the Motor Club.
Avoiding the tedium of cricket by volunteering to work at George Buchanan Smith’s Icelandic pony stable.