Sue Bruce

Head of PSE

I am responsible for overseeing the tailor-made schemes of work from 3rd form through to L6th form and I am accountable for pupil progress and development within this subject. The U6th form is dealt with separately in Craigleith. As a subject that is well-respected by the pupils, it is important that PSE education lives up to its relevant, interactive and challenging nature.

I manage and monitor the delivery of PSE, which includes liasing with the Deputy Head, Medical Centre, our Child Protection Officer and subject teachers regarding the cross-curricular delivery of PSE. I also manage and maintain resources including audio-visual, ICT, books, and sourcing of new resources for staff and students. It is fundamental that I keep abreast of developments and cascade these to colleagues when appropriate. I maintain and continue to develop a high profile for PSE within the school as well as conducting surveys of curriculum provision when appropriate. I keep in contact with existing external speakers, organise timetabled talks and source new external speakers as appropriate in order to offer diverse, informative and enjoyable sessions.