David McDowell

Head of Government & Politics

As well as being Head of Government and Politics, I also teach IB and A Level History. I attended the Belfast Royal Academy and Merton College, Oxford, and taught at Collyer’s College in West Sussex for 12 years before coming to Fettes in 2005. At Fettes, I am a Sixth-Form tutor and am involved with air cadets, debating, the historical and political societies, staff art and any other activities which can make use of someone who doesn’t like sport and can’t drive.

In the 2009-10 academic year I organised, among other things, poppy week talks in chapel, speaker meetings for the prospective parliamentary candidates for Edinburgh, a mock election, and a history trip to Poland.

I am currently writing a history of Fettes’ role in war and empire. Among the things I like about Fettes is the vibrant international atmosphere – it’s a real privilege to work with intelligent, ambitious young people from around the world.