Sport for all

Throughout a student's time at Fettes, sport plays a major role. All students participate in a mandatory games programme, giving them the incredible experience of being part of a competitive team - no matter what level they play at. The primary sports throughout the year are rugby, hockey, cricket and athletics for boys, and hockey, lacrosse, athletics and tennis for girls.

There are over 20 different sports on offer at Fettes and students are encouraged to try different sports in order to broaden their experience and uncover hidden talents. From badminton to climbing, netball to Zumba, and fencing to shooting, Fettes offers an impressive selection of sport and fitness activities. In Fifth Form pupils have the opportunity to change their focus from the primary sports to one (or several) from the long list of options we offer each term, allowing each student to tailor their physical education to their abilities and interests.

Although some of these sports are not competitive, they are equally essential in the ethos of sport at Fettes. We believe in a Sport for All mentality: we want all of our students to find their sport, strive to their best ability and, above all, enjoy the facilities and breadth of sports available to them.