Elite Sport

Each season our top athletes have the opportunity to engage in a wide variety of top-tier competitive fixtures against other Scottish schools as well as dedicated training time and regular pre-season training for the major sports of the upcoming term. Many students will qualify to represent their city, county or country in a variety of sports.

We also offer an Elite Athlete Programme, a specialised, intensive programme for particularly talented athletes utilising expert coaching, modern analytical tools, nutritional advice and individual training schedules.

Competitive sport at Fettes is enhanced by video analysis technology. We use Dartfish, a state-of-the-art video analysis system used by many international professional sporting organisations, which allows our coaches and athletes to review game and training footage in order to help improve game play and technique. We are very proud to have the resources and expertise to utilise this technology as it provides our athletes with targeted training and a unique competitive edge.

We are proud of the breadth of success that our pupils achieve across a number of disciplines and we will actively work with our top athletes to support them in realising their sporting goals.