Excellence in sport is a long-standing tradition at Fettes College and we believe it contributes significantly to the all-round development of each pupil. Whether an enthusiastic amateur or future Olympian, we have the facilities, expertise and enthusiasm to help each and every pupil achieve their sporting goals.

Sport is an integral part of a healthy and active lifestyle with core skills such as teamwork, communication, agility and strategy being developed along the way. Whether they are in the 1st team or the 5th, we expect students to show just as much commitment, determination and drive. We absolutely believe in home-growing our sporting talent and developing their abilities in a controlled, safe way by maximising fitness and minimising injury.

To ensure all students have the opportunity to pursue sport while at Fettes, we offer a large number of different sporting and games options, both competitive and recreational. Rugby, Hockey, Lacrosse, Netball and Tennis are popular options, but our students also pursue accolades in squash, fives, athletics, basketball, swimming and rounders. Furthermore, our recreational options are an important feature in the landscape of Sport at Fettes. From fencing to fitness and conditioning, and from sailing to strength training, we offer a number of games options to suit every student and their sporting interests.